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Thursday, October 2, 2008

REnasha Rai ---choreographer

Renasha Rai

Hi- On: Talent

She shot to fame after her choreographed music video "chiya barima" became a hit. She scored a string of other videos (Ban Maa Fulyo Full, Pachilagnu Pardaina, Mai Thuli Vai Chu Re, Lazlagcha, Ma Timibina Marihalchhu) to flaunt her creativity and today Renessa Rai has become the most sought-after choreographer in the industry both music and movies. Petite and very pretty, this 23-year-old diva is our most eligible bachelor this week.
Why we love her
For her smooth dancing moves but of course! Also, girls envy her for her perfectly toned abs.
Ripe-O-Meter Result for Renasha Rai = Ripe n Ready
[ Ripe-O-Meter indicates the eligibility for marriage as per the person's age. ]

Friends call you (nickname):
Well! most people call me Reena and some call me Rain too!


Star Sign:


Yuva Records

Education Qualification:
Heeeeeheeee! Well basically I was a good student ! but my stupid freinds did'nt allow me to study more +2 hahhahhahaaa I am a science student though!

Hobbies/ Interests:
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm............. First thing oh ! I just love dancing thats something I am never tired of , travelling is always an awesome experience until I empty my pocket that is........and my bestest hobby should be talking...a lot.

Describe yourself ::
Its so hard ........... well i think I'm beautiful, I'm hard working , talented,friendly.......hope I didn't sound too self-centered there......but i am what I am, Right?

What are you passionate about? :
I am passionate about my career, my dreams.

What physical attributes of the opposite sex attract you?:
uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh! Its attitude that i find really attractive and also sexy. And then slowly comes eyes, body or watever.

From 1 to 10 rate your sex appeal.:
i think 8 is fine

How much can you commit into a relationship?:
Very much, in fact I am very much committed now.

Your idea of a romantic date?:
A spacious place with big windows, a corridor with wind chimes ,red candle ,white curtains swaying away with the wind, I'd be wearing something in silk and then he................ lets stop here.....phew......

What would you wear on a hot date?:
A feminine skirt with comforatble sandals.

Turn you on by?:
Good music as always and yes, new clothes.

It’s a date deal breaker when (what turns you off)?:
His behaviour......ill-mannered, foul mouthed guys so totally turn me off.

According to you, marriage is::
A second new phase of anyone's life, its something beautiful ,its something that gives many a reason to live!

And the reason?:
Its totally clear , the one whom u love is the one whom u know better than others. So its simple, it works well.

And the reason? (optional):
Oh hello! what is there in caste? u are marrying a person and not a caste.

Qualities you seek in your life partner?:
He should be understanding, responsible, lovable and with a good sense of humour..........

What do you think is the best part of being unmarried?:
Well! The part where I can still go look out for better looking hunks heheeehehhe............

What do you think would be the best part of being married?:
Someone is always there for you, anytime.

And the reason?:
Oh hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont ask me that?

Your sexual fantasy: :
I think there is someone behind me looking at me as I am writing this so ............ am shy!

How important is it for you for your life partner to be a virgin? :
Hmm.......I guess it's hard to find virgin men this days so....

Your favorite sexual position:
Oh not again.....

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